July 2018

Introducing Story Snipping

There have been some groundbreaking days at the Byrd office. “Maybe the best thing we have ever created. It will change life as we know it!” says Simon, our frontend developer. “Totally amazing function” our co-founder, Mikkel said. I replied “Calm down, guys. It’s cool but let’s not get carried away in these made up quotes.”

The hot new feature we are all so excited about is of course - story snipping! A function that allows you to record multiple clips and have it all in one video. So here is how you nail it:

  1. Record

First things first - go to the camera function in the Byrd app and hit the video option. Simply tap the capture the capture button to start recording your video. Continue holding until you are happy with your first clip. We recommend recording your clip for at least 10 seconds.

  1. Release

When you are done with your clip, simply release the capture button. You will now find your clip will appear in the right corner.

  1. Repeat

With story snipping, you can now record before, during and after the event - all in one video. That means you can capture more of a story and really make sure that you record the perfect moment that is otherwise hard to predict.

As you can tell, we are pretty stoked about this. Hope you are, too!