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Focus on your craft. Byrd provides the customers, the gigs and the platform.

As a photographer and videographer you have to be a one man army and a jack-of-all-trades. It is time consuming and often an uphill battle. Byrd has a wide range of customers with different content needs. We specialize in pairing the right content or skillset with the right customer.  Using Byrd frees up resources for your craft - whether you are great at snooping up news stories or capturing audience through visual storytelling.

Upload once. Sell to multiple.

With Byrd, you can earn money from your photos and videos multiple times.

No administration. No fuzz.

We take care of the admin stuff for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Your sales. Your money.

Stay up-to-date on all your sales and cash out whenever you want.

We protect your material.

No one will get to use your content for free. We actively protect your rights.

Byrd Breaking

Byrd Breaking is for the events you can't plan for or are unaware that you should plan for. Upload the content you consider interesting or newsworthy. There is a good chance others will share your interest. You get paid for every story a customer downloads.

Byrd Booking

Byrd Booking is for the events you can plan for or become aware of. It can be news stories, events, communication videos or corporate portraits. Whatever it is you use the same platform and receive the Booking requests in the same fashion. Once you have been assigned to a Booking gig and informed about the details, you will get paid hourly. If the content has any interest to others at a later stage, you can sell it again through the Byrd platform.

Booking prices


500 DKK
per hour


750 DKK
per hour


700 SEK
per hour


1050 SEK
per hour

Byrd Live

With Byrd Live you make sure our clients can enjoy high quality live streaming.

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Start by browsing a bit around, make sure that you are familiar with the app, and get some inspiration from the other photographers. Your profile is your portfolio, so make sure that you always upload the best of the best.
- Steven Knap, Chief Photographer

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