Byrd makes it easy to get high-quality photos and videos anywhere, anytime

Whether you represent a news media, a marketing firm or a local business, we can help you tell stories.

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Collage of different events, including police, a ferris wheel and a carnival.

If a picture says more than a thousand words, then we will help your business speak volumes

With Byrd, you have access to the best photographers and videographers in the field. Whether you need to cover a story that’s breaking right now, you’re hosting an event and want to document it or need live streaming for a talk, Byrd will find the right person for the job at a price you can afford.

And with our mobile app for iPhone and Android, you can also crowdsource photos and videos from wherever things are happening.

Jacob Gren/ Byrd

Byrd can deliver on all parameters

Covering the news is a constant catch up. Byrd Breaking is a product that secures fast, reliable and professional photo and video coverage.


The right person for the gig. Byrd Booking connects you with the right creative from our talent pool for any planned or unplanned event.


Focus on the creative or journalistic craft. Byrd automates selling, securing payment and hosting your content as a creative.


You'll be in good company

Byrd is available wherever you need it

On the go or at your desk. You can access Byrd at your convenience and have content at your disposal in no time. We are pretty proud of our technology and will happily elaborate on features, bells and whistles. But it's probably best to keep it short and sweet here!

With Byrd, you can access all your media everywhere

Access high quality photos and videos at anytime - from wherever you are located. With just one login - you can request for specific material or search through our huge library of pre-existing material.

Rights cleared and verified in the blink of a flash

Clearing rights is a hassle. So is verification. Avoid the common pitfalls and let Byrd's automated technology sort you out.

Kasper Løjtved / Byrd

Rely on what we do best

Our photographers are experts in the field of unplanned events and tight deadlines. Whether it is breaking news or multiple locations simultaneously, Byrd can deliver.

Transparent pricing means easier business

Negotiating prices shouldn’t be a hassle. We made our prices transparent and flat just for that reason.

Tommy Andersson / Byrd

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