FAQ for news and communications

Wondering what your options are on Byrd? Here you will find the answers to how your company can incorporate the use of Byrd.

How can my company contact the photographers?

You can contact the photographers through the web application by using the message system. For crowdsourcing, you can post assignments, which will be sent to photographers in the chosen area. Within the assignment, you can specify your exact needs. After that, it is all smooth sailing. Kick back, relax and let the photographers work their magic.

How can my company give an assignment to a photographer?

Once registered on the Byrd web application, you can create assignments and start crowdsourcing. Assignments are sent to Byrd photographers within the specific or general geographical areas. When creating an assignment bear in mind that it can neither be defamatory nor encourage any unlawful behavior. Byrd maintains the right to remove any offensive or ethically inappropriate assignments.

Can my company purchase the same photo or video as other media have bought?

Yes, if you purchase photos and videos with a non-exclusive license. However, exclusive licenses are only sold once per country per year.

Where can my company use the content bought on Byrd?

Content from Byrd is strictly for editorial purposes. Meaning that the use of the content should be in connection with news events or should respond to the public interest. Apart from this, the content should be suitable for online media, TV-stations, web-TV, magazines, papers or other kinds of media outlets.

The content cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as advertising, marketing or any other activities directly related to commerce.

Can my company find content from a city or a specific location?

Absolutely, through the web-application, you can search and filter your way through the content to find exactly what you are looking for.

How can my company use Byrd?

Your company can use Byrd by requesting a free demo from our webpage. Fill out the contact form and a member of our team will contact you shortly after.