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Our subscription-based marketplace allows you to harness the reach of 50.000 photographers without putting them on a payroll.

Verification and rights clearing

Verification is of top priority at Byrd. We continue to develop new solutions to make your verification work easier. Our technical verification means that metadata locks when using the Byrd app, so we know when, where and who a story comes from. Weather API and profile verification alongside machine learning enable us to verify content real-time.

Access your material from anywhere

Access high quality photos and videos at anytime - from wherever you are located. Through one Byrd login you can request for specific content or search through our huge archive for what you need. Perfect for larger editorial settings - so that everyone has access to the same material. All the time.  

Subscription or pay as you go?

No matter the size and needs of your organization, we’re sure Byrd can provide you with a plan that’s just right. And if you sign up for a yearly plan, you get even bigger savings. More after single time usage? We have pay-as-you-go solutions too. 

Byrd Breaking

News can rarely be planned ahead and they definitely do not adapt to office hours.

With Byrd Breaking you access our platform where professional and enthusiast photographers share content as events unfold.

Graphic illustration for breaking news

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Byrd Booking

With Byrd Booking you get the reliability of a team of staff photographers and the flexibility of a fleet of freelance photographers. Photo or video.

Portrait or feature. Our selection of award-winning professional photographers can cover just about any event and tell just about any story.

Catered for the news industry we have short response time and a deep understanding of what a deadline means.

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Thomas Andersen

Redaktør, BT

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