Byrd photographer: Peter Bondo
November 2019

Feature in focus: Verification

As with any form of photo editing - there are tons of options out there for you to play around with photos and videos. Watermarks can be easily cropped out and videos can be downloaded and reused.

In photojournalism, this is a major issue. Finding out who took the photo or video, where and when took place are issues journalists work with on a daily basis. There are many technical programs and support out there though that help identifying content that is copyright infringing. Here is how our verification mechanism work:

Byrd’s verification
Here's the trick! You actually don't have to do anything besides using our in-app camera. If you take photos or videos with our camera in the app, we know exactly when, where and by who the story comes from.

We can guarantee that because data locks when using the Byrd, so all the information from the story is stored.

Why it matters
For journalists, it is very valuable to know exactly "when, where, with what and by who". So if you choose to shoot your photos or videos using the in-app camera, your material is automatically verified which is great for our media clients!

To sum it up
The nature of verification will and should always be a part of a journalist’s role. However, there are ways we can help, especially when it comes to user-generated content. Using the Byrd camera not only increases your chances to sell your content - it also protects your photo rights and prevents false material from being spread.