Byrd photographer: Dennis Skyum
May 2017

Byrd's photographers will now be even better protected against copyright infringement

Mikkel Reymann Stephensen

Byrd now cooperates with the legal company Not Allowed. The company is specialised in copyright infringement. In cases where the company is involved in Scandinavia, Byrd’s photographers will get a considerable discount.

By partnering up with Not Allowed, Byrd photographers can receive additional legal assistance if there are any cases of maldistribution. Specifically, Not Allowed will offer its services to the Byrd photographers who might experience copyright infringement, theft or improper distribution of their photos and videos.

Byrd photographers will benefit

The cooperation means that Byrd photographers will be getting a 10 % discount on standard rates in Scandinavia. Not Allowed is a "no cure, no pay" company. Normally they charge a fee of 35 %, but with Byrd's photographers they will only charge 25 % when cases are won or settlement has been reached in Scandinavia.

"Byrd is an interesting and smart solution to a very big problem in dealing with user-generated content. I think that Byrd only will be able to perform to its fullest when its content is legally secure. My company is happy to offer its legal services. We’re based on ensuring better protection for the Byrd photographers,” Morten Kristensen, the founder of Not Allowed, says.    

Fighting misuse and theft

Cooperation between the two companies will further ensure the security of Byrd-photographers and their intellectual property. Byrd already apply watermarks on every piece uploaded on its platform. The watermark minimizes the risk of maldistribution.

However, should maldistribution or misuse occur, Byrd will instantly contact the original owner of the photo or video as well as the copyright violator and try to settle the matter without taking any legal action at first.

If the negotiation is unsuccessful, Not Allowed will offer its legal services to Byrd’s photographers who have experienced copyright infringement in the territory of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

"We are pleased with the cooperation between our companies. Our cooperation will provide additional security to the Byrd photographers. We want to create the best possible legal security for our users,” says Morten Stephensen, co-founder of Byrd.

Not Allowed handles copyright infringement cases under the principle of "No cure no pay."