Byrd photographer: Jon Buscall
May 2019

Feature in focus: Story categories

Latest, trending and curated - all categories that feature newsworthy content that Byrd photographers upload daily. Today we walk you through how the story categories differ.

This is what could be called the top notch of Byrd - it is the editorial pick. Every day, we go through content that has been uploaded to the platform and selects the top newsworthy stories. If you need inspiration for what kind of content the media is looking for - curated feed is where it is at.

The one-stop shop for the material which gets the most upvotes. This feed is entirely in the hands of the Byrd photographers - so that means that you have a say in what is being featured here.

The place where you will find all the material uploaded to Byrd. The feed is time chronological, which means that the most recent material uploaded to Byrd will be in the top. This is unlike other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, who both use their own secret algorithms.

To sum it up:
All three story categories serve some sort of purpose - the latest is where you can engage with all the other Byrd photographers’ material, the trending works as the Byrd photographers’ favorite picks. Lastly, the curated is what we at Byrd think that you should not miss.