Byrd photographer: Peter Bondo
January 2019

Feature in focus: Assignments

When uploading photos or videos on Byrd, you have the option to assign it to an assignment. An assignment is simply a request from media for specific content. In today’s blog post we list some good pointers when it comes assignments.

Make sure not to miss them
New assignments can easily get lost if you have not turned your Byrd notifications on. So make sure you turn them on! If you prefer to, for example, only get notified when a local assignment is out - you can do so by clicking on the settings button on your profile page in the app. Under “Account” you will find “Notifications” where you can select when and how you would like to be notified from Byrd.

Accept the assignments
When a new assignment - make sure you accept it. By doing this - the assignment will be on the top of the assignment list in the app so that you can find it easily.

Check what they are looking for
If you click on an assignment it will show you more information about what the media is after. The specifics vary from each assignment. Some media might only be looking for videos for example or maybe solely non-exclusive content. Therefore, reading the specifics of the assignment will send you off to a good start.

Album is the way to go
Albums will always increase your chances of selling when it comes to assignments. It allows the media to pick from more options and it saves you from having to choose only one photo.

To sum it up
The assignment feature simplifies the communication between media and photographers. It makes it easy for you as a photographer to know exactly what the media is after. For media, assignments allow them to ask the general public for content - whether that is in advance or breaking news. So perhaps, needless to say, the assignment feature is here to stay!