Byrd photographer: Tommy Andersson
June 2020

Feature in focus: Profile

Your profile is your key to success on Byrd. We often describe your Byrd profile as your photography portfolio - so perhaps needless to say but spending a few extra minutes on your Byrd profile really makes you stand out! In today’s blog post we will walk you through how you can amp up your Byrd profile. 

First step - add profile picture
Your first area of improvement should definitely be adding a profile picture. Pretty simple but you would be surprised by how many Byrd users forget about this! Your profile picture can be a photo of yourself or maybe the logo of your photography business - whatever works the best for you! You find the profile photo section if you head to “Edit my profile” in your Byrd settings.

Write a short bio about yourself
In the same settings page as the profile photo, you find the “Biography” box. This text blurb makes a perfect opportunity for you to describe yourself and market any additional pages people can find you at. Also perfectly fine to write that you’re a happy hobby photographer. Your bio - your call!

Choose your cover photos wisely
First and foremost, great cover photos for your photos and videos will always have a better chance of getting sold. That should be your top priority! However, great cover photos will also improve your profile feed. Having a polished profile feed makes media users take much greater notice of you as a photographer - which can be really great for any future sales.

To sum it up
It does not require much - but it makes a huge difference! Adding a profile picture + bio and choosing your cover photos wisely will make your profile stand out. Over and out ✌🏻