Byrd photographer: Rasmus Laurvig
September 2019

Feature in focus: Upvoting

A feature that allows you to engage and decide what is trending on the Byrd platform. In today’s blog post we’ll walk you through how and why you should use our upvoting function.

Our version of likes
To put it simply, our upvoting function works in a similar fashion as “likes”. It is a good way to engage with other Byrd photographers - or get a boost yourself. If your content receives enough upvotes, it will end up in the trending story feed. By upvoting other photographers’ content, you also have a say in what is trending on Byrd.

In the notifications section (which you can find under “Settings” on the left side of your profile page) you will find the option of turning on or off receiving notifications when someone upvotes your content.

How to get upvoted
First and foremost, good quality photos and videos will always have a better chance of getting upvoted. Breaking news will also always have a better attraction and so will a good enticing headline. For more information regarding crafting a headline, check out this blog post.

When uploading an album or a video - spend some time choosing a good cover photo. This will be the photo that ultimately will be the main driver to make people click on it.  

To sum it up
There is no fast track to being featured in the trending story feed - but there are definitely some good general practices on how to increase your chances. At the end of the day, it is all about providing good content and engage with other Byrd users. If you do this well, then the day of being featured in the trending tab is right around the corner.