Byrd photographer: Dinendra Haria
February 2019

Feature in focus: Getting paid

Making sales is probably one of the most rewarding experiences for Byrd photographers. We listed some practical information on how you can get a hold of your well-deserved bucks.

Cashout settings
First things first, before requesting a payout, you need to make sure that you have filled out your bank details. You find this under “Cashout settings” if you click on the settings icon on the left side of your profile page. Make sure that you fill in all the details correctly - including IBAN number as well as Swift/BIC number.

Once you’ve filled out the necessary details - go onto the tab that says “My sales”. Here you will find all the sales you have done. If you scroll down there is a green button that says “Withdraw XX €”. Click here and you’re all set!

To tax or not tax?
A common question in regards to the payout is whether or not the income from Byrd is subject to tax. We at Byrd encourage all our users to read into their specific countries’ regulations - since they differ from country to country.

To sum it up...
That is it! Making money from capturing newsworthy moment has never been easier. While you doing life admin - take two extra minutes to leave us a review on Google Play or App Store. We’d love to hear what you think about our platform!