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Access tens of thousands of photographers, explore our enormous library of quality user-generated content. Crowdsource photo and video assignments for breaking news or get different perspectives on planned events. Licenses are perpetual; prices are flat, and it's all no cure, no pay.

Our photographers

We all have pocketable high-quality cameras in our pockets or purses. So do our photographers. Some swear to their DSLRs, others are dedicated smartphone shooters!

Byrd is an innovative two-sided platform for crowdsourcing and discovering user-generated content.

Hassle free licensing

When you buy non-exclusive content, you have a perpetual license for editorial use on the publication you represent. And it's 2020, so of course, you can use photos and videos from Byrd on social media too.

Location-based assignments

Send Assignments to thousands of photographers through push-notifications in the smartphone app. Select an area, city or country, get instant responses and pick and choose the content you want.

Technical verification

Metadata locks when using the Byrd app, so we know when, where and who a story comes from. Weather API and profile verification alongside machine learning enable us to verify content real-time.

Real-time discovery

Stay in the loop on events happening right now. Everything is real-time. From the anonymized map of photographers whereabouts to the story feed and message system.

Media on Byrd

Our clients are news media, digital publishers, and magazines. We work with those who need it done by yesterday and those who work long deadlines.

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Access thousands of photos and videos from our users, post assignments and experience User-Generated Content 2.0.

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