Get paid to cover breaking news or to break them yourself - straight from your smartphone.

Your perspective matters.

Make money when you snap a photo or a video of something newsworthy.
Help our media partners cover stories, even when they can't be present physically.
You get paid, and they get to report the news.

No one can be present everywhere.

Nope, not even the media. But more often than not, a local is around when something occurs. Through Byrd, media can ask for your assistance. Or you can share your photos and videos and watch them become news stories.

You're in good company.

Byrd is being used by some of the biggest news media, digital publishers and magazines. We work with those who need it done by yesterday and those who work with long deadlines.

Want your organization on Byrd?

Access thousands of photos and videos from our users, post assignments and experience User-Generated Content 2.0.

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